Enrollment Certification

Many federal veterans’ education benefits require you to request your college to complete and submit VA Form 22-1999 (Enrollment Certification) and send all forms to the VA. Do not risk the loss of any benefit by failing to request this certification. Report any of the following to your college’s certifying official:
  • Non-attendance in class (noting last date attended)
  • Dropping any class (noting date dropped)
  • Increase in credit hours
  • Non-payment of fees
  • Classes not pertaining to your degree
  • Deployment (including a copy of your orders)

Check list for enrollment certification:
  1. Verify your continued enrollment with the VA the last day of the current month or the first day of the next month:
    • Call 1-877-838-2778
    • Go online: www.gibill.va.gov Go to the WAVE link and provide the correct information
  2. If you fail to complete step 1, you will not receive your monthly benefit.
  3. Keep a copy of all your documentation sent either to the VA, your college, or any state or federal office.
  4. Keep your college certifying official informed of your student status. Notify your college of any situations affecting the number of hours or your attendance.