Students Planning to Transfer to Another University

Did you begin your college studies at one institution and plan to change institutions for the purpose of completing your degree(s)? If so, you will need to contact the receiving institution to verify its specific requirements. A general description of the process and the type of information required is listed below. In addition, you may wish to explore your options by going to the Planner section.

A. Talk with an admission’s staff member* at the institution where you plan to transfer as soon as possible to determine:
  1. The application process needed to transfer. The application for taking a course may be streamlined, so identify yourself to the admissions staff as a transfer student and ask for the appropriate application.
  2. What transcripts are required.
  3. What test scores (if any) are required.
  4. What admission and/or registration requirements must be completed

B. Each institution has its own process for the evaluation of transfer credit; an admissions staff member* or advisor can help you with this process.

C. Explore the transfer information found throughout

D. Be prepared to provide some or all of the following:
  1. Official transcript from the institution you are currently attending and from any other institutions previously attended
  2. Official high school transcript and/or GED
  3. SAT, ACT, AP, IB, and/or CLEP scores
  4. Pay the required application fee 

E. Take advantage of the web site of your new institution to discover the most current and accurate information about the transfer process, what programs are open to transfer students, etc.

* Names of the people to contact and their contact information for each institution may be found at Transfer Contacts.