High School Counselors

Help students transfer earned credits to colleges or universities within Indiana.

High School Counselors

Find the information you need to help high school students with the transfer process.

As an influential high school counselor, you enjoy the rewards of seeing your students prosper and move on to achieve their goals. But getting there isn’t easy. There are decisions to be made, details to manage, and family futures to ensure. You can give your students an advantage by counseling them about credit transfer opportunities that will enable them to save money and graduate sooner. This is advice they will appreciate for a lifetime.

To help you with this substantial task, TransferIN has many resources available to help you assist students in earning and transferring credits to an Indiana college or university. Learn more about them.

Dual Credit Programs

Learn which Dual Credit courses satisfy requirements for college credit. Grades earned from Dual Credit programs during high school become a part of the student’s academic record and can potentially affect his or her college GPA and financial aid eligibility.

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

Find out how students earning sufficient scores on qualifying College Board AP exams can transfer these scores to two- and four-year public schools in Indiana!

Cambridge International AS & A Levels and Cambridge AICE Diploma

Learn how students can now transfer Cambridge International AS & A Level exam grades to Indiana institutions for credit.

CTL/Indiana College Core (formerly the STGEC)/TSAP

Use the state’s Core Transfer Library (CTL), Indiana College Core, and Transfer Single Articulation Pathways (TSAPs) to help a student transfer the maximum amount of credits to a college or university in Indiana.

  • Core Transfer Library (CTL) — Enable your students to make the most of their hard-earned credits so they can be transferred to various institutions within the state of Indiana.
  • Indiana College Core — Learn how students can transfer satisfactorily completed general education coursework as a block of 30 credit hours towards the general education core requirement.
  • Transfer Single Articulation Pathways (TSAP) —Facilitate the process of transferring a TSAP degree earned at either Ivy Tech Community College or Vincennes University to a corresponding degree program at a four-year university in Indiana.


Stay in the know with other schools’ accreditation so a student’s earned credits can be accepted and transferred to and from those institutions.

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Indiana e-Transcript enables you to send your student’s high school transcript electronically to ANY school worldwide. It’s safe, secure, convenient (24/7), and free.

For more information about the Indiana Common High School e-Transcript Program, click here.

Career Exploration

Get to know your student, help him or her explore career interests and possibilities, and provide sound advice on how he or she can best meet those goals.