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Search and compare programs in Indiana on Credential Engine

Search and Compare Programs

If you’re searching for degree programs in Indiana, you may find it difficult to keep track of where they are offered. You may feel unsure of which type of program is for you, what opportunities exist, or perhaps you wish there was one place you could easily search and compare your options.

We have good news!

Indiana is a state partner with Credential Engine, a non-profit organization offering transparency about educational and career opportunities to inform prospective students and employers. We understand that navigating the higher education information landscape can be challenging. Our team has collected and entered thousands of Indiana-specific credentials in our Registry so you don’t have to waste time finding opportunities on your own. Using our Credential Engine Indiana Registry Widget below, you can search and compare majors, certificates, licenses, and more!

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What is the Credential Engine Registry?

Credential EngineCredential Engine’s Registry is a cloud-based library that collects, maintains, and connects up-to-date information on learning credentials. These credentials include:

  • High School Diplomas
  • Certificates
  • Associate Degrees
  • Bachelor’s Degrees
  • Master’s Degrees
  • Doctoral Degrees
  • Certifications
  • Licenses
  • Apprenticeships

Users can browse programs offered in Indiana using the Registry Widget below.

How to use the Registry Widget below:

On the left drop-down, choose between the following:

  • “Find Credentials” – Interested in specific degree programs (majors and minors), certificates, or licenses? Select this option.
  • “Find Organizations” – Interested in a specific university/college/career center in Indiana? Select this option to search.
  • “Find Learning Opportunities” – Interested in seeing how which learning opportunities lead to degree programs? Transferring your dual credits? Select this option to see programs and the associated credential connections.

In the middle toolbar, “Search”:

  • Enter the name of degrees, certifications, universities/colleges, technical opportunities, etc. if you have a specific interest. Otherwise, all results will populate once you select an item from the left drop-down.

On the right, “Filters”:

  • Select boxes to narrow the search results.
  • Ex: Only interested in Bachelor’s degrees? Choose that box.

***Note: if you are interested in pursuing opportunities outside of Indiana, visit Our Registry Widget will only populate Indiana-specific information.