Earned Credits

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Earned Credits

If you’ve earned college credits, you may need to transfer them at some point during your education. Maybe you’re graduating from high school, switching to another postsecondary school, or taking a few classes as a guest student. Whatever your situation may be, TransferIN is here to help.

Ways to Earn College Credits

There are many ways you can earn college credits at various stages of your education. TransferIN’s databases explain how you can apply credits, earned through the following programs, to your future education goals: Core Transfer Library (CTL), Indiana College Core, Transfer Single Articulation Pathways (TSAPs), AP or Dual Credit Courses, Early College High School, Military Experience, and more.

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The Core Transfer Library

Wondering how and if your credits will transfer? The Core Transfer Library (CTL) lists courses that are pre-approved for transfer between all Indiana public college and universities.

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How to Transfer Credit

TransferIN’s step-by-step guides minimize guesswork of transferring credit. While all student situations are unique, we cover the basics that most schools follow: who to contact, what to expect, and how to prepare.

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