AP Courses and Exams

High school students have the opportunity to take college-level Advanced Placement (AP) classes to earn high school credit and prepare for AP exams. Indiana high schools offer more than 30 AP courses, but not all schools offer all courses. Sufficient scores on AP exams offered by the College Board can earn you college credit and/or course equivalencies. Be sure to send your exam scores to the institution you plan to attend in order to receive credit.

More about AP Courses:

Search the TransferIN AP Exam Database.

This database enables you to research how your scores will transfer to prospective schools. All two- and four-year Indiana public colleges and universities are legally required to award college credit that counts toward a degree for scores of 3 or higher. The Independent Colleges of Indiana (ICI) have also provided information on how various AP exam scores will transfer to their schools.

Use the AP Course Database to:

  • See which Indiana colleges accept AP Exam credit
  • View how your score translates to credits at various Indiana institutions
  • Enable you to make an informed decision about where to apply by considering how many AP credits various schools will honor

Search the AP Exam Database