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Are you a high school counselor or college advisor within the state of Indiana? Check out TransferIN for resources to help your students transfer.

Transferring to another school is no ordinary move. It involves researching other institutions to discover which one is a better fit, meeting particular deadlines, and making sure paperwork is always in order. Whether you’re responsible for onboarding a new student at your school or for guiding a student to the next stage in his or her education, TransferIN has the resources to help you to successfully complete the transfer process.

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2020 Spring Guidance on Grades and Transfer

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Step-by-Step Guide

While transferring is a step-by-step process, each school has different transfer admission procedures and requirements. As a high school counselor or college advisor, you have all the latest Transfer Student and Admissions contact information of Indiana college and universities at your fingertips, so you know who to contact when you have questions.

The TransferIN Step-by-Step Guide will better enable you to help your student transfer the maximum amount of earned credits and determine if he or she is filing the proper forms and meeting the new school’s application requirements. In addition, the guide lets you know what paperwork military students need to submit as part of their transfer process.

High School v. College

When a freshman or sophomore student needs help with the transfer process, there isn’t competition between high school guidance counselors and college advisors to provide assistance. Instead, it’s teamwork.

In this portion of TransferIN, our Step-by-Step Guide is individualized for both professionals, plus we itemize the procedures a college advisor should follow with students transferring to another school and with students onboarding at their institution.


When students are applying to college or transferring to another institution, it’s quite likely that they and their families never think about an institution’s accreditation. But doing so is crucial. Accreditation can affect the transfer of credits, financial aid eligibility, and tuition reimbursement for adult learners. TransferIN provides the resources you need to perform due diligence and verify another school’s accreditation.


Your students can’t transfer without providing a copy of their transcripts to prospective schools. TransferIN connects students to Indiana e-Transcript, which enables them to send their high school transcripts electronically to any higher learning institution in the world. It’s secure, convenient, and free!

Career Exploration

Without the right career in mind, students often spend time and money on classes that are not required for their major. But how do you help them find the right job after graduation? TransferIN is here to help. It links you and your students to a comprehensive career explorer that gauges their interests, personal skills, and work values to match them with the right career.