Help your student find the perfect career match.

As a high school counselor or college advisor, you will help your student explore occupational interests and find a career in which he or she will excel and be able to thrive and grow. Complementing your expert advice are the three resources below found at Indiana Career Explorer. They will help your student discover which career path is right for him or her.

  • Career Interests Survey
    Your student will be able to narrow career options by ranking their favorite activities. Then he or she will receive a list of suggested careers based on their interest rankings.
  • Skills Assessment
    What exactly are your student’s strengths? This resource matches careers with his or her best skills.
  • Work Values Assessment
    Everyone looks at work differently. Some people are money-motivated, others want to help those in need, and still others are more concerned about having a work-life balance. By taking this assessment, your student will learn about careers that best fit his or her lifestyle goals.