Advisors & Counselors

Advisors & Counselors

Advisors & Counselors

Find all the resources you’ll need to help students succeed and transfer their credits successfully to another institution.

Step-by-Step Guide

Help your student transfer the maximum amount of earned credits to a new school and determine if he or she is meeting all admission and registration obligations. Plus, have all the Transfer Student and Admissions contact information of Indiana schools at your fingertips!

Help a student through the transfer process.

High School v. College

Determine how you can play a role in helping your students submit the right information and make a smooth transition from high school or an institution

How you can help


Verify another school’s accreditation so your student can successfully transfer credits and get the financial aid and tuition reimbursement he or she deserves.

Find out more about accreditation


Show your student how he or she can send high school transcripts for free using the Indiana e-Transcript program or how to request college transcripts be sent to a receiving institution.

How to request and send transcripts

Career Exploration

Discover your student’s interests, strengths, and values so you can help them determine which field of study and career is right for them.

Help your students find the perfect career