Cambridge International AS & A Level and Cambridge AICE Diploma

Every year, students around the world use Cambridge International AS & A Levels and the Cambridge AICE Diploma to gain entrance, advanced placement, or credit at colleges and universities in Indiana and worldwide​.

Cambridge International AS & A Level courses bring college-level work in more than 55 subjects to high school students of all backgrounds. Students generally take Cambridge International AS & A Level courses in 10th through 12th grade and can also use these courses to meet Indiana high school graduation requirements. Indiana students may also take Cambridge IGCSE courses, offered in over 70 subjects, to meet high school graduation requirements. Cambridge IGCSE courses are excellent preparation for college-level AS & A Level courses.

Cambridge International, a part of the University of Cambridge, has over 150 years of experience in developing curricula and assessments rooted in academic rigor.

Indiana colleges and universities that give placement or credit for Cambridge International AS & A Levels include Ball State University, DePauw University, Indiana University, Purdue University, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis, Butler University, University of Indianapolis, University of Notre Dame, and more.

Other US institutions that recognize Cambridge AS & A Levels include MIT, Duke University, Columbia University, New York University, University of Washington, University of Virginia, Florida State University, and many more.

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This database enables you to research how your scores will transfer to prospective schools.

Use the Cambridge Exam Database to:

    • See which Indiana colleges accept Cambridge Exam credit
    • View how your score translates to credits at various Indiana institutions
    • Enable you to make an informed decision about where to apply by considering how many Cambridge credits various schools will honor

Search the Cambridge International Exam Database

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You can research the Cambridge AS & A Level and AICE policies of colleges and universities in Indiana, the US, and worldwide using our Cambridge International policy recognition search.
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