Core Transfer Library

Institution CTL Name Course Title Course Number Credits Notes
Ancilla College Abnormal Psychology Abnormal Psychology PSY 265 3
Ancilla College Algebra, College College Algebra MATH 110 3
Ancilla College American Government American National Government PSCI 160-1 3 BSU: PSCI 160-1 will articulate as undistributed credit
Ancilla College American History 1 US History to 1877 HIST 144 3
Ancilla College American History 2 US History Since 1877 HIST 145 3
Ancilla College Art Appreciation Appreciation of Art ART 125 3 PWL: Students from Ancilla College will receive undistributed credit.
Ancilla College Art History 1 History of Art I HIST 282 3
Ancilla College Art History 2 History of Art II HIST 283 3
Ancilla College Biology 1 & 2 w/lab (2 course sequence), College Principles of Biology I & II BIOL 122 + BIOL 124 8 IUPUI: Students from Ancilla College and Anderson University will receive undistributed credit toward their degree program.
Ancilla College Biology, Introduction to Course not taught: subject
Institution CTL Name